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Environment of SmallCabin Cattery

We are SmallCabin, a renowned Melbourne-based cattery, specializing in the exquisite British Shorthair cats. Proudly dual registered with GCCFV and WCF in Melbourne, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our breeding program, ensuring the purity and quality of the breed.

Our commitment to our kittens extends beyond the sale. We offer lifelong free health consultations, providing you with expert advice and support throughout your kitten's life. We pride ourselves on selling only the healthiest of kittens, ensuring a happy and fulfilling life for both the kittens and their new families.

We cherish the bond that forms between our kittens and their new families. Therefore, we heartily encourage parents who have previously adopted from our cattery to share delightful photos and stories of their feline companions. This thriving community of British Shorthair lovers enriches our mission and helps us continuously improve our breeding program. Join the SmallCabin family and experience the joy and elegance of owning a British Shorthair cat, a true gem in the feline world.

What We Offer?

30 Days Insurance
Vaccinations, Microchip, and Desexing Services
2 Vaccinations
Ownership Documents
Ownership Documents